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    “The presenter was wonderful! She kept the kids engaged the whole time and was very positive!!
    It’s the most engaged I’ve seen my students during the entirety of remote learning!

    – Julie O., San Ramon Valley USD

    We are excited to announce that California Weekly Explorer is introducing a virtual experience of the acclaimed Walk Through presentations! To accommodate distance learning due to COVID-19 classroom closures, teachers can now invite the Walk Through to their virtual classrooms using Zoom. The presentations will be led by a single presenter for each class participating and will maintain the fun and excitement expected of a Walk Through experience. The virtual presentations utilize music, visuals (flags, maps, etc.), games, team cheers, story-telling, Going for the Gold, and more, all within a unique software program that’s been designed specifically for the Walk Throughs! The presentation will maintain the 2 ½ hour design of up to 36 student participants placed in teams and the same amount of expert word and character cards to be assigned. Bonus features for virtual learning will include various visuals to enhance student participation. Students will be encouraged to dress in historical outfits to represent the characters they are playing (Walk Through Revolution or Walk Through Ancient World), the time period being presented, or for Walk Through California in costumes depicting their expert word.  Team scores will be recorded by the classroom teacher and the winning team will be announced at the end. The preparation materials remain the same and the Teacher Guide has instructions where needed for the virtual vs. the live presentation. Unlike the live version, these presentations are designed for each student to be on an individual device whether at home or on campus.

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    We at California Weekly Explorer understand that the continued closures of schools is exceedingly difficult. These are trying times for our families and for those of you who give tirelessly to provide a valuable learning experience to children. Students are missing out on some of their favorite activities and school experiences. This is why we are so thrilled to provide our virtual presentations and be able to give your students their much loved Walk Through! We recognize that some schools are able to have us on campus and would prefer our signature in-person Walk Through. For those schools, we are continuing to provide an on campus experience. As always, the safety of students, school staff, and our presenters will be of utmost importance. Since the Walk Throughs consist of only one presenter conducting the presentation for one group of students we are able to remain compliant with the Center of Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines for social distancing and for the prevention of the spread of coronavirus. We have implemented important changes and modifications to our presentations to ensure the safety of everyone, children, and adults alike, during an in-person Walk Through.

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  • Walk Through Presentations

    Learn more about our different presentations below
    • California

      A lively retelling of California’s rich history.

    • The American Revolution

      Students participate in a lively retelling of our nation’s beginnings.

    • The Ancient World

      Students actively participate in a rich retelling of the ancient history of Egypt, Greece, and Rome.

  • A Walk Through is an engaging and interactive educational presentation utilizing friendly competition and lively retelling of common core history curriculum; “Walk Through California” for fourth grade, “Walk Through the American Revolution” for fifth grade, and “Walk Through the Ancient World” for sixth grade. Many consider the 2 ½ hour experience to be an unforgettable “in-school field trip.”

    Learn about Walk Through California
    Learn about Walk Through American Revolution
    Learn about Walk Through Ancient World

    The presentation is facilitated by an animated and trained presenter who guides up to 36 students through historical events using dynamic, kid-friendly stories and activities. During the presentation the students compete in a friendly contest to earn points. Points are awarded mainly for the students’ presentations of pre-assigned cards. Throughout the presentation games, music, and dramatic activities encourage participation and comprehension of the curriculum.

    At the end of the presentation, the winning team is announced. The winning team members will each receive a first-place certificate, and each student from the other teams will be awarded a special Walk Through participation certificate.

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  • We have been educating students for over 39 years... Our goal is to create presentations that engage and educate each child.

    Our Walk Through Presentations provide an engaging and fun way to learn about historical topics including California, the American Revolution and the Ancient World. 

    • Interactive so all students are involved
    • Fun and educational at the same time
    • Allows students to get out of the normal flow of school
    • Students dress up like the people of the era
    • Considered by most as an "in-school field trip"
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    • Your program is far more educational and entertaining than any field trip and much easier for me to coordinate! Thank you!!

      -Hillary Lewis, Forest Park in Fremont (Walk Through the Ancient World)
    • I’ve been teaching U.S. History to 5th graders for 9 years. This is the first time it has truly come to life for them. I can’t say the same for the previous years where we didn’t have this presentation. AMAZING. Thank you.

      Jesusita Rivera
      Costano in East Palo Alto
    • This is the 2nd year we have had this program and I love it! I am so impressed with how much my students learn and are actively involved for the entire 2 1/2 hours.

      Mickee Robinson
      Bimat in Bakersfield
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