Encourage your students to dress in historical attire that represents their team/civilization. This will help your class become a part of living history and builds excitement among students and parents. Those assigned a Character card should dress in attire representing the person of history they are portraying and will receive additional points for their team.

    Students assigned to more than one character may choose one costume and if needed, bring an accessory to quickly put on for a second character or Daily Life Presentation. Students will not have time for full costume changes during the presentation. 

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    Costume pieces can be created in class or with the help of the student’s family at home. We strongly encourage creativity (and advocate that families do not spend money on costumes). We do not sell or provide costumes. 

    Students should be able to comfortably sit in their costumes!



    Helpful Hints:

    • Character Cards have suggested props for students.
    • Inform your students that costumes don’t have to be store-bought or elaborate.
    • Costumes can be made from items at home or inexpensive materials purchased at craft, fabric or consignment stores.
    • Give students and parents ample time to plan and create their costumes.  The more time they have, the more creative their costumes can be!
    • Consider brainstorming your class about costumes for the program.  Not only will it give them ideas, but will also help them get excited for their big day!
    • Showcase books and websites about Ancient Civilizations that students can refer to for costume ideas.
    • Don’t forget your camera!  Walk Through photographs are great for yearbooks, bulletin boards and class newsletters.  Be sure to take a group shot!


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