Costume Ideas


    You don’t have to spend a ton of money to have a cool costume for Walk Through California!

    See our Photo Gallery to see a few examples of student costumes.

    california 249Check in your own closet or your parents’. Craft, fabric and consignment shops have lots of great supplies that don’t cost a lot.  Be sure to ask your parent’s permission when making your costume or you may accidentally cut up your dad’s favorite shirt!


    Miner: Jeans, flannel shirt, boots, and a hat.  Add a gold mining pan (pie tin decorated with glitter), face paints for beard and some “dirt”.

    Missionary: A brown or gray robe with a robe belt, a cross around your neck. 

    Spanish Explorer/Conquistador:create armor from cardboard and foil/spray paint. Wear a silver-colored helmet

    Pioneer: Girls can wear a white blouse, long skirt, or a long cotton dress and a bonnet.  Boys can wear pants with a white shirt, vest and a coonskin cap.

    Governor: Dress in business atire.  Carry a briefcase.

    Farmer: Overalls with a flannel shirt, a straw hat and a basket of fruits and vegetables.

    Traditional Mexican or Spanish clothing
    Or… create a costume inspired by your Expert Card.

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