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  • Walk Through California Preparation Tips

    Adequately preparing your class for Walk Through California ensures that students get the most out of their experience!  The best source of information is your Teacher Preparation Booklet, as well as the Top Ten Checklist and Detailed Preparation Timeline.

    Your booklet will give specific information regarding Walk Through California.   Booklets are typically sent in September for all presentations through the school year.  Please see the FAQ’s page for more information on booklets, scheduling and confirmations. 

  • Below are some additional tips teachers have used and found helpful:

    • Assign expert cards to student’s ability.  Some cards are shorter and therefore easier to memorize.  Other students may be ready for the challenge of a more difficult expert card.
    • Pairs of students become “memory coaches” and help each other memorize their cards.
    • Ask a parent volunteer to check students’ progress on their cards and answers to expert card questions.
    • Check that each student knows the answer to their expert question the day before the program.
    • Consider a mini-quiz on the student’s question for a treat or extra credit.
    • As students prepare for the Walk Through, it’s a perfect time for teaching lessons featuring fluency, expression, and memorization skills.
    • Memorizing and practicing cards are a great activity for students when they finish class work early.
    • Photocopy and tape Expert Cards onto the students’ desks for easy reference.
    • Make an overhead of the Star Spangled Banner and sing it each day after the Pledge of Allegiance.
    • To foster cooperation and enthusiasm for their team members, plan a few team building activities prior to the presentation. Teams who have the opportunity to work together ahead of time tend to be more enthusiastic and supportive of each other on the day of the presentation.

    We want your Walk Through experience to be the best!   Please feel free to contact us at (714)247-2250 or by email any questions about the preparation process.

    If you have lesson plan or idea that you’d like to share, please feel free to email us at

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