Adequately preparing your class for the Walk Through the American Revolution ensures that students will get the most out of their experience! Refer to your Teacher Preparation Booklet, as well as the Top Ten Checklist and Detailed Preparation Checlist, for specific information on preparing for the program.


    Tips for assigning Expert and Character Cards: (Refer to page 15 of your teacher preparation booklet for the Card Assignment List)

    • Choose the students’ cards for them. This way you can take into account their personality, reading level and other abilities.
    • After introducing the cards, have students write their top 3 choices. Then, you can choose the cards for the students based on their recommendations.
    • Randomly draw a student’s name and allow that student to choose their card. Continue until all students have had a chance.
    • List the cards on your classroom’s white board and allow students time to sign up for their favorite character.

    revolution 5

    Student Practice Tips:

    • Pairs of students become “acting coaches” and help each other memorize and act out their cards.
    • Schedule a “dress rehearsal” in which students perform their battle scenes
    • Ask a parent volunteer to check students’ progress on their cards.
    • Help students learn the location and names of the 13 colonies. A game may be played during the program with a large puzzle map of the colonies.
    • As students prepare for the Walk Through, it’s a perfect time for teaching lessons featuring fluency, expression, and memorization skills.
    • Memorizing and practicing cards are a great activity for students when they finish class work early.
    • Make a copy of the cards and tape them onto the students’ desks for easy reference.
    • Make an overhead of the Star Spangled Banner and sing it each day after the Pledge of Allegiance.

    We want your Walk Through experience to be the best! Please feel free to contact us at (714)247-2250 or email us at: with any questions about the preparation process.

    If you have lesson plan or idea that you’d like to share, please feel free to email us at

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