Historical Attire


    You don’t have to spend tons of cash to have fun dressing in colonial attire! Check in your own closet or your parents’. Craft, fabric and consignment shops have lots of great supplies that don’t cost a lot.  Be sure to ask your parent’s permission when making your outfit.  Students with Character Cards will be awarded extra points for dressing as your person from history and bringing your assigned prop.  Check the bottom of your Character Card for suggested props.  Remember, do not bring toy guns to school.

    See our Photo Gallery for examples of students in colonial dress.

    Colonial Man – A white dress shirt, pants tucked into knee-length socks (or baseball pants), vest or jacket, Tricorn hat, shoes with buckles.

    Colonial Woman – A dress or long skirt with blouse worn with white tights with black boots or dressy shoes.  Add a bonnet.

    British Soldier – Red coat, white dress shirt, white pants, tall black boots.


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