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    California Weekly Explorer employs qualified personnel to present the thousands of programs scheduled by schools each year. Our presenters are chosen because of their enthusiasm for educating and entertaining students.  In addition to academic training, they have a wide variety of communication talents that enable them to motivate and educate students in captivating ways. Their backgrounds are varied and include educational and the performing arts.  Each employee is knowledgeable in the subject areas covered by the programs and has completed additional company training in presentation and student management techniques. Every week, CWE receives praise from teachers, parents, and students concerning the dedication, energy and enthusiasm of its presenters. All employees are cleared through fingerprinting and background checks with the California Department of Justice as required by PC11105 for certification for criminal records check in compliance with AB 1610 and AB 1612.

    If you are interested in employment with our company, please contact us and we will send you more information.

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