revolution 60Encourage your class to wear costumes for Walk Through the American Revolution.  Our presenters comment that costumed classes are more enthusiastic, excited and involved!  When students are dressed up as their assigned character, history comes to life!  Costumes help students realize what a fun, dramatic day is ahead. Parents become involved in the program, and therefore more involved in their children’s education. 

    From booklet: Section 3-C

    “Students can wear costumes representing the characters they are portraying.  Some characters have costume suggestions on their cards.  For students without Character Cards, they can still wear their team’s colors or dress as soldiers, colonists, or their Battle Scene characters.  Students with character cards will receive bonus points for costumes.”

    • Character Cards include props for students.
    • Remind students NOT to bring toy guns to school.
    • Inform your students that costumes don’t have to be store-bought or elaborate.
    • Presenters provide toy muskets, a plastic sword, and a stick horse.  Students can ask to borrow those props from the presenter.
    • Give students and parents ample time to plan and create their costumes.  The more time they have, the more creative their costumes can be!
    • Costumes can be made from items at home or from inexpensive supplies purchased at craft, fabric or consignment stores.
    • Consider brainstorming about costumes for the program with the students.  Not only will it give them ideas, but it will help them get excited for their big day!
    • Showcase books and Web sites about colonial America that students can refer to for costume ideas.
    • Don’t forget your camera!  Walk Through photographs are great for yearbooks, bulletin boards and class newsletters.  Be sure to take a group shot!

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