Memorization And Acting Tips


    Need help memorizing?  Here are some tips:

    ancient world 20

    • Practice your card a few times each day.  Don’t wait until the last minute!  By the performance, you’ll be a pro.
    • Memorize the card sentence by sentence.  Start by memorizing the first sentence.  Then, repeat the first sentence and add the next.
    • Write your card on paper while you say it aloud.
    • Tape yourself reading your card.  Listen and repeat what you hear.

      It’s so much fun when students make their characters come to life!  Tips to make you a star!

      • Practice in front of the mirror to work on facial expressions.
      • Perform for your family and classmates and ask them for tips.
      • Pair with another student and become each other’s acting coaches.
      • Use movements while you perform your card.  Pairing a gesture with a line may help you remember it!
      • Everyone gets nervous, so don’t worry!  Our presenters are trained to help if you get stuck!

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