California Class Activities

  • California Class Activities

    Fiesta Lunch

    california 143A Fiesta Lunch is a fun way to celebrate on the day of the Walk Through!  Serve appetizers such as chips and salsa and taquitos.

    Taco Salad Bar: Students make their own taco salad!  Start with chips and let students add chicken, beef, beans, lettuce, cheese, salsa, guacamole, sour cream and more.

    For dessert, a parent can warm frozen churros at home and wrap them in foil to keep them warm.  Or, serve traditional pastries from a Mexican bakery.

    Play traditional Mexican music and decorate with Mexico’s colors: green, red and white.
    Invite parents to donate items. 

    Follow-up Activities

    Social Studies

    Research different California indigenous groups and create an illustrated children’s book.  Include their location, housing, food, natural resources, legends, and religious beliefs.
    Compare and contrast the purpose, architecture, and features of a pueblo, presidio, rancho, and mission.   Include a picture or illustration of each.


    Learn more about the physical properties (strength, ductility, melting point, thermal and electrical conductivity, and toughness) of gold and other metals.
    Compare and contrast the plants, animals, and climate of California’s regions- the Mohave Desert, Sierra Nevada mountain range, Central Valley, and Kings Canyon.


    Create a bar graph that demonstrates the average high and low temperatures of cities such as Sacramento, Death Valley, Mt. Whitney, San Diego, Sonoma, Yosemite or your city.  Using assorted maps of California, practice estimating the distance between cities based on the scale of the map.  Compare your estimates to the actual distances.


    Learn more about California’s state symbols.  Create a class mural of California’s symbols and important places.
    Make a fresco tile by cutting off the top of a milk carton and pouring on a layer of plaster.  Once the plaster is firm, but still wet, paint designs onto the tile.  Remove when dry.


    Learn a Spanish or Mexican folk dance such as Jarabe Tapatio (the Hat Dance).  Create outfits dancers would wear and perform dance for other classes or families.
    Small groups work together to create short, silent skits about different important events in California history.  Invite others to witness a California history museum come to life!

    Language Arts

    Many indigenous groups have oral histories or stories told aloud instead of written down.  Write and narrate your own story explaining natural phenomenon.
    Learn the meanings of words we use that originate from Spanish: rodeo, cafeteria, patio, mosquito, aficionado, barracuda, adobe, galleon, fiesta, sierra, alcove, pronto,  Chihuahua, conquistador, El Niño, macho, piñata, and plaza.


    Produce a digital slideshow of your “Walk Through California” experience.  Discuss what you learned about California history and geography and include pictures or photographs.
    Using a computer, create a labeled map of California.  Begin with an outline of California and label important places with the symbols you learned during “Walk Through California.”

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