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    The Walk Through presentations will be welcoming new presenters in the 2021/2022 school year to cover several calendar areas. One of these presenters could be you! Both full time and part time positions available. (Part time positions are full days 2-3 days a week; Full time positions are full days, 5 days a week)

    Please read more about us here:  Mission Statement and Reviews

    If you are interested in joining our team do not hesitate to email your information immediately to Melanie at programs@californiaweekly.com. We look forward to speaking with you!


    • North Orange County
    • Orange County beach cities
    • L.A. County
      • Rover position with drives to Bakersfield, Central Coast, & Orange County – mileage reimbursed
    • Central Coast – Santa Barbara-Santa Maria
    • Bakersfield
      • Rover position with drives to L.A. County and some Central Coast
    • South Bay of Northern California (Santa Clara County)
  • How do I apply?

    Note: We do not accept phone inquiries concerning application materials. If you do not receive a response to your application, please make your inquiry at  programs@californiaweekly.com

    Click Here to read the FAQ Sheet

    For Part Time or Full Time positions click here:

    The above materials must be read prior to sending us your information.
    Email the following materials to Melanie programs@californiaweekly.com

    Cover Letter

    • Include whether you are interested in the full or part time position and what interests you most about the presenter position

    Employment Resume/CV

    • For performers applying: An Acting Resume and Headshot are optional but can be included should you choose.

    What does the hiring process consist of?

    Completion of Questionnaire (sent following receipt of resume)
    Audition/Interview (Either in person or through Zoom)
    Performance of memorized section (1.5 pages) from California Weekly Explorer script
    5-minute fun presentation on California Weekly Explorer subject matter developed by the applicant
    Reference checks
    Three professional and two personal references
    Possible phone interview

    About Our Presenters

    California Weekly Explorer is a company that employs people who share our vision and values concerning children and education. We are dedicated to motivating and educating students in captivating ways, making learning not only fun, but an experience to remember for a lifetime! We believe our presenters are some of the most dedicated, creative, and passionate people in education!  This is why, each day, CWE receives praise from teachers, parents, and students concerning the energy, enthusiasm, professionalism and caring approach of our presenters. Each of our qualified personnel independently presents approximately 250 presentations a school year (full time positions) to thousands of students across California. The interactive design of the Walk Through format allows our presenters the opportunity to make powerful connections with individual students during each presentation.

    In addition to academic training, presenters for California Weekly Explorer have a wide variety of communication talents. Their backgrounds are varied from  previous teaching experience to various performance roles or aspects of public speaking.  Each employee is trained in the subject areas covered in the presentations along with additional training in public speaking and student management techniques.

    All employees are cleared through fingerprinting and background checks with the California Department of Justice as required by PC11105 for certification for criminal records check in compliance with AB 1610 and AB 1612.

    Who are we looking for?

    A presenter must have an extremely high work ethic with a “show must go on” mentality along with a love and passion for educating. They must be flexible and able to address daily hardships in a positive, encouraging way. They must possess the intrinsic ability to make the best of any situation and to “light up the room” with an exuberant presence.

    A snapshot of what’s required

    • Ability to travel to elementary and middle schools throughout your expanded presenter area and to welcome up to four weeks or more of  overnight stay (full time positions only). Based on the amount of overnight travel, if you have obligations that require you to stay in a certain area, the full time position may not be for you.
    • Both full and part time positions can require long distances (drive time can range from 15-120 minutes one direction). Enjoyment for driving and travel is not a necessity but is helpful.
    • A positive attitude that entails confidence in communicating professionally and enthusiastically with teachers, office managers, and various school staff. Many times you will be required to exercise problem solving skills to provide helpful solutions that will meet both the needs of the presentation and the customer. The ability to compromise and be flexible is a necessity while also considering company policy.
    • Experience in communications, teaching, and/or performance is helpful.
    • A love for history and educating. No credential is required, but presenters must be self-motivated as learners and educators. We will train you for the presentations and material but you will experience various situations daily which will develop you as a person and as a speaker.
    • Desire. A desire to work with and motivate kids in a solo 2 1/2 hour presentation, twice daily while developing essential life skills.
    • Enthusiasm. If you have an enthusiastic and energetic personality and are interested in expanding your own knowledge and performance skills, we will provide the intensive training needed to join our team.

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