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Reservations for Live or Virtual Presentations are now available for the entire 2020/2021 school year!

We are excited to announce that California Weekly Explorer is introducing a virtual experience of the acclaimed Walk Through presentations! To accommodate distance learning due to COVID-19 classroom closures, students and teachers will now be able to participate through a streaming platform ran directly by one presenter for each class participating. The presentations will maintain the fun and excitement expected of a Walk Through experience with staple favorites such as friendly competition, team cheers, going for the gold/glory, sentence juice, music, and various games.  It will maintain the 2 ½ hour design of up to 36 student participants placed in teams and the same amount of expert word and character cards to be assigned. Bonus features for virtual learning will include various visuals to enhance student participation. Students will be encouraged to dress in historical outfits that represent the time period being presented or for Walk Through California in costumes depicting their expert word.  Team scores will be recorded by the classroom teacher and the winning team will be announced at the end.
We look forward to offering this experience during this trying time and continue to hope for the safety and health of our teachers, students, and families. For questions, please contact us at

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