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  • Walk Through California Class Activities

    Dear Parent Helpers-

    Thank you for taking an active role in your child’s education! We appreciate all you do, and thank you for helping your child’s teacher prepare for their Walk Through Presentation! Here you will find what you need to help make their experience one they will never forget! Teachers are given a detailed preparation booklet to help them prepare. If you have any questions on how to help, please ask your child’s teacher for more specifics. Thank you for your support!

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     Suggested Ways to Help

    Before the Walk Through:

    1. Create Nametags for students
    2. Organize a collection of fabric and craft supplies for costumes
    3. Help make student costumes
    4. Review students’ progress on memorizing their Expert and/or Character Cards
    5. Review the answers to students’ Walk Through California Expert Card questions
    6. Photocopy the Walk Through Invitation and distribute to students/parents
    7. Help students organize their Battle Scene (5th graders) or Daily Life Presentation (6th graders)
    8. Help with Room Set-Up or give the diagram to a school staff member
    9. Organize a themed “Walk Through Lunch” to take place before the afternoon presentation
    10. If your school has a busy parking lot, it’s nice to arrange for a reserved space for the presenter

    On the Day of the Walk Through:

    1. Check to be sure the presentation area is set up at least 1 hr prior to the presentation
      • The presenter will arrive 1 hour prior to the presentation time to set up their equipment
    2. Place the “Enter Quietly” sign on the door of the presentation room
    3. Safety-pin nametags high onto the students’ chest
    4. Collect pencils and clipboards/writing surface for students participating in the American Revolution or Ancient World
    5. Keep score during the presentation
      • The teacher will give you the scoresheet and the presenter will review instructions during the presentation
    6. Help the teacher assemble students into their teams outside the presentation room
    7. Ask the presenter which seats are meant for the guests and direct parents/family to those seats

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