What is a Walk Through?

  • Walk Through Overview

    A Walk Through is an engaging and interactive educational presentation of standards-based history curriculum through literacy and the arts.  Many consider the 2½ hour presentation to be an unforgettable educational experience.  The presentation is facilitated by an animated and trained presenter who guides up to 36 students through historical events using dynamic, kid-friendly stories and activities. 

    Games, music, and dramatic activities encourage participation and comprehension of the curriculum. To enhance the educational experience, students are encouraged to dress in historical attire representing the historical figures portrayed by students or discussed within the presentation. In Walk Through California students may choose to dress in costumes that depict their vocabulary word card (Expert Word). In teams, students compete in a friendly contest to earn points.  Points are awarded mainly for the students’ presentations of pre-assigned cards.  The Expert Word cards allow students the chance to become an “expert” on vocabulary pertaining to curriculum.  Students may also be assigned Character Cards in which they dramatically portray important historical figures (Walk Through the American Revolution and Walk Through the Ancient World only).

    The winning team members will each receive a first-place certificate, and each student from the other teams will be awarded a special Walk Through participation certificate.

    A Walk Through is designed to be a highly engaging experience with the goal of making learning history fun at an age appropriate level while promoting a love of history that will last a lifetime. It is not designed to take the place of the learning that is conducted in a classroom setting where more in depth discussions regarding various perspectives of people and historical viewpoints can take place. A Walk Through provides an overview of major events and players to give students a basic understanding of events that occurred and sets the stage for more in depth classroom learning.

  • Quick Facts

    • Walk Through presentations have been presented in California for 35+ years!
    • Presentations are geared toward 4th, 5th, and 6th grade Social Studies curriculum.
    • Presentations meet California State Standards for History-Social Science, English Language Arts, and Arts Standards. 
    • The “field trip that comes to your school” can be held indoors in the classroom, multipurpose room, or library.
    • Walk Through California is our fourth grade presentation.
    • Walk Through the American Revolution is our fifth grade presentation.
    • Walk Through the Ancient World is our 6th grade presentation.
    • Presentations can be conducted with 5 to 36 students. The maximum student limit is 36.
    • Presentations are charged per presentation. Pricing is not based on how many students are in a class.
    • Presentations are 2 ½ hours in length.
    • Two presentations can be conducted at the same site in a typical school day (in most cases).
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