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    Please read some of the rave reviews from schools we’ve educated and entertained over the years.

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  • I love the Walk Through Presentations! They are an excellent supplement to our Social Studies curriculum. They make history come alive as the students engage in presentations, games, group activities and skits. I couldn’t be happier with the program. Thanks for a job well done – we look forward to seeing you next year! [The Presenter] did an outstanding job with the Walk Through the Ancient World presentation. She was incredibly prepared, full of energy and enthusiasm, and she made the time fly by! The students really enjoyed their time with her, they learned a lot, and she made that learning come to life. I really appreciate her delivery, her encouragement, and her knowledge of the content. -Karen McBrien, Sycamore Elementary in Orange (Walk Through the Ancient World)

    Walk Through is truly one of THE BEST ASSEMBLIES EVER! Thank you for your commitment to keep history alive and exciting for our kids! [The presenter] was amazing! Her fun personality resonated with my students who love to engage with someone who invests in them! At times I felt like I was on the Jungle Cruise at Disneyland.. great fun, intonation and command of the audience. [The presenter] did a great job including everyone, especially our friend from the SDC class. ALL of the kids left with a smile on their faces and a love for CA history and geography. Thank you!  – Mrs. Hanna, Golden Elementary in Placentia (Walk Through California)

    I have never seen my students so willingly involved and on task. The interaction and amount of learning was like nothing I’ve seen before. -Yessica Rodriguez, Rosa Parks in Berkeley (Walk Through the American Revolution)

    (Our presenter) was excellent! The students learned so much and were excited to hear previously learned facts in the presentation. It is well packaged with organizational materials for the teacher. The pace of the program is excellent and engaging for the students. This program is the best use of our school/PTA funds! Well done! -Colleen Myers, Crown Valley in Laguna Niguel (Walk Through California)

    Your program is far more educational and entertaining than any field trip and much easier for me to coordinate! Thank you!! -Hillary Lewis, Forest Park in Fremont (Walk Through the Ancient World)

    I’ve been teaching U.S. History to 5th graders for 9 years. This is the first time it has truly come to life for them. I can’t say the same for the previous years where we didn’t have this presentation. AMAZING. Thank you. -Jesusita Rivera, Costano in East Palo Alto (Walk Through the American Revolution)

    This is the 2nd year we have had this program and I love it! I am so impressed with how much my students learn and are actively involved for the entire 2 1/2 hours. -Mickee Robinson, Bimat in Bakersfield (Walk Through the American Revolution)

    I would highly recommend Walk Through California for EVERY 4th grade class in California as it brings their social studies curriculum to life as no other lesson or series of lessons can or will do. It’s truly irreplaceable as I even remember doing the program 15 years ago when I was in 4th grade. It’s magically meaningful! -Eric Volan/Jan Ledbetter, Bancroft in Walnut Creek (Walk Through California)

    This was an outstanding educational experience for my students. Parents and teachers all commented on the enthusiasm, professionalism, and overall quality of this educational experience. I would highly receommend this program to all educators.! -Cynthia Daley, Butterfield Ranch in Chino Hills (Walk Through the American Revolution)

    “This program is such a fun way to learn the 6th grade curriculum. Students are able to collaborate, play, and learn in such an interactive way. Excellent job!” -Michelle Garrett, St. Anthony’s in Fresno (Walk Through the Ancient World)

    “The most fun you will ever have learning about history!!” “This Walk Through felt like a two hour long recess!” “Musty old legends turned into an exciting and spectacular learning method!” -6th grade students, Laguna Road in Fullerton

    “Even with a month or two of intense, varied instruction, there’s no way students could possibly learn as much as they did today! [Our presenter] was energetic, a great storyteller, and had a terrific sense of humor”. -Marsha Young, Arroyo Vista in Rancho Santa Margarita

    “Walk Through California is a program in which all schools should participate. It makes learning history fun and helps integrate knowledge in a new way!” -Amelia Rowland, The Carey School in San Mateo

    “My students had put in a great deal of preparation for the presentation and really felt rewarded for all of their hard work. I would highly recommend your program to anyone who is interested in it! Hands-on is the best way to learn.” – Joyce Baumann, Indian Hills in Riverside

    I didn’t know what to expect… but the experience was beyond my imagination!… Well done in all aspects of the program. As a US History major and one who is passionate about ensuring that my students know the high cost of freedom, this program met my needs both academically (standards based), historically (accurate information), and infused with patriotism. (Our presenters) enthusiasm was contagious! We have built on this experience through our classroom activities. Thank you! -Nona Reimer, John S. Malcolm in Laguna Niguel

    I realize how difficult it can be to repeat the sam program every day, with the same enthusiasm. Please know your dedication and humorous enthusiasm makes a difference to every child, parent, and teacher that enters that room. We thank you! -Alicia Colich, Newport Coast in Newport Coast

    Once we returned to our classroom after the Walk Through California presentation, one of my students said, “I feel so smart right now!” I couldn’t say it any better. What an amazing performance! (Your presenter) was simply AMAZING! -Lisa Mata, Carlton in San Jose

    (Your presenter) was awesome! Very enthusiastic, patient, and informative! Thanks for the great presentation. This presentation brought back a lot of wonderful memories of when I was a part of Walk Through California in fourth grade 22 years ago! It was amazing! -Denae McKibben, Oak Mesa in LaVerne

    “It’s my first time seeing the presentation and I’m completely amazed! I sure wish I had this when I was younger but thankful my students can become excited about social studies coming alive for them! You may have some new historians thanks to your work today.” -Allen Chin, Anza School in Torrance

    “The entire program was of superior quality and engaged all our students. Each student participated many times and got involved, including my children with needs. I can’t say enough about how great [our presenter] was. Thank you!” -Jamie Kennedy, Calavera Hills in Carlsbad

    “This was the BEST presentation activity I’ve ever been involved with. It supports curriculum, motivates kids, and transports them to colonial times. [Our presenter] was a fantastic, enthusiastic presenter who encouraged, helped, and applauded kids for their hard work.” -Joanne Galvan, Laurel School in Brea

    “This is such a fabulous program. It’s the best program I’ve seen in 32 years of teaching. Our superintendent raved about it as well!” – Kathleen Rademaker, Ladera Ranch School in Ladera Ranch

    “The whole presentation was absolutely FABULOUS!! The whole morning was truly the way learning should always be!! Apart from actually jumping into a time machine and getting back to colonial Philadelphia or Boston, I can’t think of a more valuable and delightful way of owning this part of American history than through this program!” -Cindy Donovan, Alicia Cortez School in Chino

    “It was a lot of fun and provided enough learning, movement, and games to keep even my busiest kids engaged!” – Jennifer Risken, Sequoia School in Pleasant Hill

    “This is the most worthwhile program available for 4th grade. You provide such a comprehensive preview of the 4th grade social studies curriculum. It establishes a solid prior knowledge base we refer to throughout the year. The audience learns a great deal as well. Can’t wait until next year!” – Wendy Ayers, Portola Hills in Trabuco Canyon

    “This was amazing program! Our presenter was wonderful and kept us all laughing and learning. The parents and Vice Principal were all in awe of the program. This was money well spent. The kids learned a lot!” – Christin Deacon, Pioneer School in Brentwood

    “Our presenter was fantastic! We really enjoyed having him present the program. He does a great job keeping the kids engaged, but in control.” – Janet Sciarra, St. Pius School in Buena Park

    “…always a fun event, and the kids leave with a better idea of this period of history and the people involved. The presenters are always prepared and enthusiastic! Well done!” –Steve Unger, Peters Canyon, Tustin

    “Our presenter was wonderful! She kept each student engaged in learning. Her enthusiasm was contagious and fun! The students kept commenting well after the program on how much fun it was and all of the interesting facts they learned.” – Cindy Pinzon, Pacific Christian School in Santa Maria

    “Loved it! The kids want to do this every day!” – Martha Tripp, Brookhaven School in Placentia

    “My students enjoyed dressing up as historical figures and actively participating in the Walk Through the American Revolution!” – Mary Francisco, Ralph Dunlap School in Orcutt

    “I love working with our presenter. Parents and students raved about her. After 14 years of Walk Through the American Revolution, I continue to delight in providing the experience for my students. It is the most remembered thing about 5th grade!” – Linda Greenhagen, Our Savior Lutheran in Livermore

    “Today was our first experience with Walk Through the American Revolution, and I must say what a phenomenal program- from start to finish! I attribute much of the success of the day to the stellar presentation style of our presenter. What a tremendous energy she has and how lucky are we to have been under her tutelage! The parents, students, principal, and district representative were very complimentary of her and this program. Keep up the fine efforts on our behalf!” – Kelsey Brown, Holly Avenue School in Arcadia

    “Great presentation! It will help students make connections when they study the Revolution and help them understand it better.” – Maureen Arevalo, John Adams School in Torrance

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